Treatment duration: 15 – 20 min

Price: €30 – €45

At Brow Atelier waxing is one of the first choice clients go for when opting for brow shaping. We use the most gentle wax produced in The Netherlands for the brow area and face. We also want to offer the best care for your skin, so we provide a lot of prep and after waxing solutions. It is fast, painless and offers the best results in time.

Together with waxing, we do shaping and give the best shape to your face and we recommend tinting for a full long lasting result. Treatment is usually very fast and painless, skin can be a bit irritated after, but the calming solutions we apply, make it better. The wax that we use, is a special one for face and can be used to remove hairs not only around the brow area, but also on other desired areas of the face.